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SD Card Mobile DVR (3G),BDYH-D003

Mode: BDYH-D003

BDYH-D003 is an on-board video terminal that allows you to record everything that is going on in your vehicle. The mobile DVR users can watch that video wherever they can have access to 3G wireless network by simply logging in and hitting start the video. In this way, users can monitor the vehicle in real-time and find its exact location while they are miles away from the vehicle.

The SD card mobile digital video recorder can also be programmed to record travel-related data such as speed and driving time. Built in standard DIN size, the mobile DVR fits literally in all vehicles. It is widely used in industries that require on-board surveillance such as in freight transportation, school bus, and public transit, etc.

Functions of SD Card Mobile DVR (3G)

Real-time video surveillance                       Real-time image capturing                             Audio/video /image recording & local storage 

Data export via U-Disk                                Local video preview and playback                  Video playback on PC-side 

Storage medium formatting                       Parameter inquiry and setting                        Device software update 

Real-time GPS tracking                               Remote fault diagnosis                                   Video remote retrieval, download and playback 

Trace playback                                            Vehicle CAN bus data                                     Voice intercom & Listen-in 

Vehicle/driver file management                 Phone/calling function                                    LCD screen information display 

Device self-checking                                   Safety alarm function                                     Power cut-off/ Sleeping mode/ Mobile APP 

Vehicles traveling data recorder                 Accident data record                                      Drivers identification 

Fatigue driving alarm& record                   Over-speed alarm & record                           Emergency alarms 

Technical Specifications




SIRF III 20channels all-in-view tracking

GPS Sensitivity


GPS Accuracy


Power Input

DC: +9V ~ +36V

Power Output


Working Temp.

-30°C ~ +70°C

Backup Battery


Power Consumption

<10W (No accessories)

Video & Audio Inputs

4/8 channels

Recording Mode

Sound and video simultaneously recording 

Audio Output

Single-channel audio output

Audio Compression


Video Mode


Video Compression


Video Resolution

CIF/HD1/D1for option 

Video Display

1 picture, 4 pictures, 8 pictures





Speed Range


Speed Accuracy

Less than 0.5 Km/h

Record Capacity

360 hours traveling data, collect 5 times/sec, store 1 data/min

Data Storage

When device powered off, data can be saved 10 years at least


three-axis acceleration sensor

Video Playback

Support Local, PC playback SW playback 

Support Time / Channel / Event playback mode 


Dual card (each support 64GB) 


1 GPS output, 1 GSM output, 1 WIFI output 

6 switch inputs, 1 speed testing input, 1 alarm input 

1 RJ45, 4 RS232, 1 RS485, 2 CAN port, 1 USB port 

2 Analog inputs, 2 outputs 

1 speak out, 1 Mic in 

2 SD card slots, 1 TF card slot, 1 SIM card slot, 1 IC card slot 

1 RS232 for tachograph update and 1 RS232 for DVR update