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GPS Digital Tachograph,BDYH-D003R

Mode: BDYH-D003R

BDYH-D003R is a device integrated with GPS module, Quad-band GSM module and black box module. BDYH-D003R has real-time tracking and locating function, and also has black box function, such as over-speed alarm, fatigue alarm, and accident data analysis. Adopted by standards DIN physical design, BDYH-D003R digital tachograph is specially fitted for before &after the vehicle assembly.

Functions of GPS Digital Tachograph

GPS/GSM tracking             Listen-in/ 2-way communication               Traveling data recording 

Trace playback                   Emergency alarm                                        Driver ID record & recognition 

Geo-fence                          Fatigue driving alarm & Record                 Vehicle status recording 

Mileage Statistics              Power cut-off alarm                                    Accidental doubtful point record 

Sleeping mode                  Low battery alarm                                       Log recording 

G-sensor                           Over-time parking alarm                             Region monitoring & speed limit 

Image monitoring             Remote fuel cut-off                                    Driving line monitoring & speed limit 

Self-check                         SW upgrade remotely                                 Route deviation reminding 

LCD screen                        Built-in a printer                                         Set and read terminal parameters 

Remote position query (Web platform, Mob app, SMS) 

Technical Specifications


Quad-band/ GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz


SIRF-4, 24 channels all-in-view tracking

GPS Sensitivity


GPS Accuracy

10 meters

Power Supply


Backup Battery

400mAh/3.7V (can be customized) 

Standby Time

4 hours

Power Consumption

Sleep mode≤60mAh;  Working mode≤80mAh

Working Temp.

-30°C ~ +70°C

Working Voltage





1.3kg with package

Speed Range


Speed Accuracy

Less than 0.5 Km/h

Record Capacity

360 hours traveling data, collect 5 times/sec, store 1 data/min

Data Storage

When device powered off, data can be saved 10 years at least



External devices

SOS button, relay, camera, fuel sensor, handset 


8 I/O ports (Positive and Negative port can be adjusted) 

2 Analog inputs 

2 outputs   

4 RS232 ports 

1 Thermal printer port 

1 USB port & 1 MIC port 

1 outer speaker port & 1 LCD screen port 

2 CAN port & 1 TF card port