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Vehicle Tachograph


Functional Features 
Beidou, GPS and base station location can realize up to 10 meters of precise positioning.
Built-in GBT - 19056, 2012 travelling data recorder function.
Remote intelligence, forced cut off/restore control of dual-mode oil road.
Monitoring center can set monitor service number, order monitoring instruction to realize the remote monitoring function.
Over-speed alarm, fatigue driving alarm, border entering alarm/ alarm for border crossing, parking timeout alarm.
SOS alarm, illegal door opening alarm, illegal start alarm, illegal movement alarm, power outage alarm.
Automatically calculate vehicle mileage, the mileage data is not lost when power supply is dropped.
Support remote upgrade of main engine's firmware program, support SMS message setting.
Contact-type IC card identification function.
Reserve a vehicle CAN bus interface, it can bet driving information in real-time way through the CAN interface.
With standard RS232 * 3, it can meet the standard RS232 electronic peripherals (vehicle-mounted controller, dispatching screen, camera, text reading device, image acquisition unit and oil flow sensor, etc.)

Product Specifications
Industrial-grade 128 * 64 characters LCD screen.
Working power supply: DC + 9 v ~ + 36 v.
Working current: 60 mA ~ 200 mA.
Working temperature: - 20 ~ + 70℃.
Working humidity: 5% ~ 95%.
Optional GSM/CDMA1x network support.
Size: 190 mm * 150 mm * 58 mm.
Service time of backup battery time: 2 ~ 3 hours.