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Air Purifier for Car


: 196mm*80mm
For Area: 10㎡
Basic function: Remove formaldehyde,remove PM2.5, remove peculiar smell.

Product Advantage:

     1.  Separated, unplugged indoor air quality sensing network

The  traditional one-piece air refreshing device can not detect  long-distance air quality change due to the sensor and air freshening  device are integrated, resulting in slow response to air modification,  low purification speed and large overall power consumption. The BEIDOUYH  air purifier uses state-patented invention and ultra-low power wireless  plug-in wireless sensor network technology, separated air quality  sensors and air cleaning devices, through an extremely simple stickers  to install the sensor, and free configuration of air quality data  wireless transmission network , Automatic assessment of indoor air  quality, to guide air fresh devices start and stop, instant fresh and  disinfection air.

2.   Full automatic, free of artificial intervention fresh air and disinfection function

Through the installation of separate air quality sensing system, air  purification systems, the BEIDOUYH air purifier in the whole low-power  conditions, can be real-time automatic detection of indoor air quality,  early detection of air deterioration early suppression, eliminated air pollution in budding state. All of this, all without any manual  intervention, the users don’t need to spend any time and energy.

3.     Safe and non-toxic biological high efficiency sterilizing and deodorizing solid preparation

The traditional air refreshing device use sieve to filter air, this program  there are two important flaws: Firstly, the sieve can only filter out  large particles in the air, does not have the exception of smell,  disinfect bacteria function, secondly, the sieve needs regular cleaning,  otherwise it may become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The  BEIDOUYH air purifier adopts the solid biological preparation with  sterilization and odor removing function to filter air. It adopts the latest biological odor removing raw material in the United States, and  it has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless and non-irritating,  the formaldehyde removal rate is over 90%. It can remove all kinds of  odors and reduce PM2 .5 concentration and fresh air effect is extremely  obvious. The efficacy of the preparation time is long, easy to replace.  Traditional air cleaners use filters to filter air, this program there  are two important flaws: First, the filter can only filter out large  particles in the air, does not have the exception of smell, disinfect  bacteria function, the second filter The need for regular cleaning,  otherwise it may become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

4.     Based on the advance air clean technology of cloud early warning technology

The  BEIDOUYH air purifier built-in WiFi function, can be connected to the  cloud platform through the indoor environment quality of Beidou internet, to share big data of city-level environmental testing data.  When the equipment in the area of outdoor air deterioration, the  formation of pollution at the beginning of that can be timely to  strengthen the indoor air

purification operation.

5.     Active power saving technology

 Because of its ultra low power sensor networks, The BEIDOUYH air purifier  without manual intervention on air deterioration for early detection and  early treatment, and due to the use of 1 Hz frequency conversion fan  technology, so the product can be perennial low load, power consumption is only the traditional fresh air equipment 60%~70%.