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Trucks Tire Pressure Monitoring System, BEIDOUYH-TPMS5101

Trucks TPMS Description:


1. 2.8inch color LCD display.

2. With 6 bundled internal sensors which need to bundle on the wheel hub, non-replacing the original valve.

3. With repeater to receive the far away signal.

4. Monitor displays 6 tires at the same time.

5. With two pressure unit"PSI,BAR "and two temperature unit"℃,℉" for option.

6. RF wireless technology, auto-alarm too high/too low tire pressure abnormal/High temperature real time status/Air leakage/Signal abnormal.

7. Support tire position exchange function.

8. Sensor protection grade: IP67.


Technical Parameter:


Sensor Parameter:

Battery model NO.: CR2050W

RF frequency:433.92MHz±38KHz

Pressure measurement range:0-1400kpa(0-203psi)

Temperature measurement range: -40℃-125℃

Working temperature range: -40℃-125℃

Battery Life:>5years


Monitor Parameter:

Working Temperature:(-20℃-85℃)

Storage Temperature:(-20℃-85℃)

Input Voltage: DC9V-30V

Transmitting Frequency:433.92MHz

Size ( L*W*H )mm:90*90*20



Repeater Parameter:

Input Voltage: DC12V-32V

Transmitting Frequency:433.92MHz

Working temperature: -40℃-85℃



Package Included:

1 x TPMS Monitor

1 x Repeater

6 x Sensors

1 x Monitor Mounting Bracket

1 x ACC

6 x Steel Rings

1 x Lot Screw and Nuts

1 x User Manual

1 x Warranty Form