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Solar Power Tire Pressure Monitoring System,BEIDOUYH-TPMS2101

Solar Power TPMS Description:


1. RF wireless technology, auto-alarm too high/too low tire pressure abnormal/High temperature real time status/Air leakage/Signal abnormal.

2.  Support Monitoring mode, ID Learning model, Tire position exchange, Setting LCD monitor.

3.  Save gas, forsee air leakage, reduce tire wearout, balance tire pressure, ensure safety driving.

4.  Bigger solar pannel charged by solar power or light and have an extra USB.

5.  With two pressure unit""PSI,BAR "" and two temperature unit""℃,℉"" for option.

6.  Sensor protection grade: IP6K7K.



Monitor Parameter:

Working Temperature:(-20℃-80℃)

Storage Temperature:(-35℃-85℃)

Input Voltage: DC3.3V-4.2V

Transmitting Frequency:433.92MHz

Monitor Type: LCD

Size ( L*W*H )mm:110*55*30mm



Sensor Parameter:

Working Temperature:(-40℃-125℃)

Storage Temperature:(-40℃-125℃)

Pressure Range:0-116psi(0-8bar)

Pressure Precision:±1.5PSI(±0.1bar)

Temperature Precision: ±3℃

Transmitting Power:<8dbm@50Ω

Transmitting Frequency:433.92MHz

Battery Life:>5 years

Size ( L*W*H )mm:72*52*21mm


Package Included:

1 x BEIDOUYH Solar Tire Pressure Monitor
4 x Tire Pressure Sensor
4 x Hexagon nut
1 x English User Manual