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Shenzhen Beidou Satellite Information Technology Co.,
Limited is a focus on the Beidou Galaxy platform release of new products for design, development, production of high-tech enterprises. BEIDOUYH platform is a full services management platform to the needs of globalization. We focus on the products design, researching, manufacturing and sales for the market with Beidou Applications, has been widely used in the field of vehicle tracker, personal handheld terminal, smart transportation, marine navigation systems.
Our company products mainly include Beidou Energy, Beidou Navigation, Beidou Air Purifier, Car Navigation, Vehicle Tachograph and so on.


The company has a group of domestic first-class scientific research and management personnel and excellent marketing staff, with strong ability of independent research and development of software and hardware design and channel operation, as well as advanced production, testing equipment and modern production workshop.
Company adheres to the enterprise objective of "people-oriented, innovation is the best", the principle of "Users first, quality first". Dominated by Beidou satellite wisdom city construction products, it follows the international cutting-edge technology, constantly enha
nces self-innovation ability, makes greater contribution to civil industry development of Beidou satellite navigation system in our country and its global promotion.

We are willing to cooperate with the customers to create business opportunities, no matter where you come from. Welcome to cooperate with us! Email:vivian@beidouyh.com