What Is The Effect Of The Air Purifier, And What Is The Benefit Of Opening It?

When the smog season comes, many people will buy an air purifier to solve the air polution. Many people think that the air purifier can only remove the indoor smog. In fact, this is a misunderstanding because the industry has been fast in the past two years. Development, the operation of air purifiers has also been effectively sublimated, not limited to removing mites. Today, I will give you a breakdown of the role of air purifiers, so that everyone can understand the air purifier better.


Air purifier role analysis:

1. Improve indoor air cleanliness

The biggest function of the air purifier is to effectively adsorb the originally turbid air, such as household formaldehyde harmful substances in the renovation of new homes. If the concentration of formaldehyde is high, there will be chest tightness, dizziness, serious or even poisoning when staying indoors, a professional addition. The formaldehyde air purifier can effectively clean formaldehyde pollutants and effectively improve indoor air quality.

2. Defense against the respiratory tract Effectively

The indoor air environment is not clean for a long time, the concentration of pollutants will rise, and people will gradually develop respiratory discomfort, frequent cough or itchy throat. Some small air pollutants will enter the respiratory tract and erode the respiratory immune system. Infections in the respiratory tract have long been associated with respiratory diseases such as rhinitis, bronchitis, and pharyngitis. If you use an air purifier, you can remove these air hazards, reduce the frequency of pollutants invading the respiratory tract, and reduce the infection rate.

3. Inhibition of recurrence of respiratory diseases

There are not many people suffering from respiratory diseases in China. The number of patients with rhinitis alone is as high as 100 million. Repeated episodes of rhinitis often affect normal work and life. Patients with severe rhinitis will have a seizure at three days, showing runny nose and sneezing. , stuffy nose, etc. The root cause of repeated recurrence of rhinitis is that indoor pollutants cause convulsions in the respiratory tract, leading to respiratory sensitivities. Frequent use of air purifiers not only reduces the concentration of pollutants, but also increases respiratory immunity, ensuring that the respiratory tract is not easily affected by contaminants.