How to use an air purifier in winter

The cold winter is coming, then, in the days of beginning to enter the trembling, everyone must be prepared to wrap themselves up tightly. When they get home, the doors and windows are closed and they are against the cold wind. However, when you are enjoying the warmth of the interior, the air quality in the room is drastically decreasing.

Then, let me give you a trick! What problems should we pay attention to when using air purifiers in winter?
(1) The purifier mostly displays the air quality in the color state, so always pay attention to the color change of the purifier when it is used.
(2) For the purifier of the back intake, make sure that the back obstacles block the airflow. First, determine whether there is any pollution in the indoor air. If it is contaminated, then the problem we will face is how to use it. The equipment to purify the air, that is, the purifier.

First of all, you need to understand the working principle of the air purifier: mainly through the filter and fan to help the indoor air circulation and filter harmful particles.

Then, we need to understand and understand that at this time, the center of the indoor circulating airflow is an air purifier, which sucks pollutants on one side and clean air on one side, so it is necessary to ensure that the surrounding obstacles of the air inlets are blocked, otherwise purification Even if it is turned on, it is invalid. Finally, I would like to remind everyone that when you turn on the purifier, don't forget to close the doors and windows and intercept the harmful pollutants in the room to continuously purify the indoor air.