Teach You Three Steps To Choose An Air Purifier

When many people don't understand a product, they mainly consider the appearance, price, etc., but they do not know how to distinguish the performance of the product. Regardless of the product chosen, the most important thing is to have a general understanding of the product, so as to ensure that the selection is not ambiguous. In fact, the purchase of air purifiers is at the same, although the popularity of air purifiers is not high, but when you buy, you can probably understand the classification of air purifiers, so that you will not be too confused when you purchase.

I simply summarize the correct and fast air purifier purchase method for everyone, so that everyone can easily choose a good product.

The first step: brand power

The air purifier brands have very strong product development capabilities and have stabilized their position in the industry. Choosing these brands has more reliable performance and better service, making it easier to deal with after-sales problems.

The second step: purchase according to the new national standard

The new national standard is China's first authoritative air purifier industry norm, which has been officially implemented since 2016. The new national standard specifies the CADR value, CCM value and energy efficiency value of the product. At the same time, it also proposes the "three high and one low" standard. Facing the same indoor space environment, the higher the CADR value, CCM value and energy efficiency value of the product, the higher the purification. The higher the speed and purification performance, the better the detailed processing of the lower noise.

The third step: professional test report

The test report is the main evidence to prove the authenticity of the product. The formaldehyde energy efficiency of the product and the energy efficiency of the particulate matter generally appear on the test report. When the test shows that it is qualified, the product can be bought. In addition, some products that have passed professional certification are more worthy of selection.