About Negative Ion Air Purifiers, We Need To Know These Points

Nowadays, the topic that can't be avoided is smog in winter. Although in recent years, under the vigorous rectification of relevant departments, the domestic air quality has greatly improved, but this does not mean that the smog has completely left our lives. In general, we still have a long way to improve air quality.


The big environment depends on national policies, and the small environment can only rely on itself. However, in order to cater to users' fear of air pollution, some manufacturers have introduced air purification products with "negative ion group" as the main purification technology. This technology is widely used in air purifiers and portable air purification products. These products often do not excel in the purification value, but the price is much higher than the equivalent purification efficiency. So, is negative ion air purification products really effective?

About negative ion air purifiers, you need to know these points.

Wearable purification devices seem to be very "real", and it seems to work the same. Let's take an explosion product as an example. Wearable purification equipment is generally small in size, so it is easy to move at any time. Of course, as a portable, the purification space is naturally indistinguishable from that of a domestic air purifier, which is only about 1 m.

Is 1m of purification space sufficient? From a personal point of view, it can be. Focus on the individual and create a 1m exclusive fresh space, so that you will always be in a fresh air atmosphere.


So, how does the wearable purification device guarantee its purification effect?

At present, most wearable purification equipment adopts negative ion purification technology. What is negative ion purification? Simply put, a negative ion is a negatively charged ion. The highly active negative ions released by the negative ion generator can charge the particles of pollution (including PM2.5, smoke, pollen, etc.) in the air. The charged particles can attract the uncharged particles due to electrostatic induction, and form a precipitate under the action of the space electric field to purify the air. Negative ions can also break the hydrogen bonds of bacteria, viruses and other organic substances and make them inactive.

In addition, negative ions can also combine with oxygen in the air to form negative oxygen ions. Negative oxygen ions are called air vitamins, which can refresh your mind and eliminate fatigue.


Can negative ions really save you in the smog?

The benefits of using negative ions to purify the air are obvious. First, ozone is not generated during the purification process, and the safety of the user can be ensured. Secondly, the principle of using negative ion purification is different from that of the conventional air purifier. Since there is no fan and filter, there is no need to replace the consumables, and the use cost is lower. At the same time, its noise control is also extremely ideal. Daily work is almost zero noise.

It sounds like the advantages of negative ion air purifiers. However, when we go to the e-commerce platform to browse, it is easy to find that the air purifiers with excellent sales performance are basically the traditional filter-type air purifiers, which really use simple negative ions as the selling point, or the main selling products are not. many.

What is wrong with the negative ion air purifier?

In fact, unlike traditional strainer air purifiers, negative ion air purifiers purify air, primarily by accelerating the precipitation of air pollutants. However, if air pollutants are precipitated, is it not a pollutant? It's like a dusty room. After a while, the dust will naturally fall to the floor. However, when you enter the room next time, the dust on the floor will still float again.

In fact, the use of negative ions to purify the air is likely to cause heavy ion contamination again. The charged contaminants aggregate under the action of Coulomb force into large particles, which may be adsorbed on the wall to form a black wall. Of course, these particles may also enter the body through breathing, threatening human health.

In the promotion, merchants often only mention that the higher the concentration of negative ions, the better, but they will not tell the user that this is a prerequisite, that is, there is no pollutant in the air. However, the role of the negative ion air purifier is not to purify the pollutants in the air?


It seems that this has become an inextricable contradiction.

Having said that, we can understand that consumers have abandoned the negative ion air purifier because the purification ability is difficult to achieve the standard and the effect is limited. Negative ion air purification itself is a hoe. All negative ion air purifiers are incomplete and require a positive electrical device that collects large particle deposits. Negative ions are responsible for precipitation, and positive devices are responsible for collection, in order to form a complete air purification process.

Therefore, all the products that promote negative ion air purification on the market, all the negative ion air purification products with excellent purification effect, essentially rely on the filter screen for air filtration. Negative ion purification is destined to be an auxiliary function of the air purifier. If you only rely on negative ions, you must have a positive collection device.

When negative ion purification was first introduced, it was widely sought after by consumers. However, negative ion purification did not stand the test of time. It turns out that negative ion purification is only a gimmick. Perhaps in the future, negative ion purification technology can make a breakthrough. But now, if you want a truly effective air purification experience, you still need to use a professional filter.