What is the air purifier purifying?

What is the purifier purifying? Many people will say that this is a problem. The air purifier is naturally purifying the air. I am afraid that few people can tell a meridian when someone let us explain it in detail.

What is the air purifier purifying? We should look at the results after using it, and then we can trace the source. After using it for a period of time, we can find that there are a lot of dust on the main parts filter screen. So where does the dust come from? Be aware that there is very little dust in the house, but there is a lot of dust on the filter net. The dust comes from the air.

During the process of use, the motor in the equipment drives the related accessories to operate, and the harmful gases and some particles in the air will be filtered out. The particles and harmful substances will remain on the filter net, and then the device will release the cleaned air. In order to remove the pollutants in the room.


After the air filtration, the impurities and odor in the air will be eliminated. Of course, this equipment is far more complicated than the above mentioned in the actual operation process. There are many levels of filtration, and only one filtering step includes polluted air filtration. High-efficiency catalytic activated carbon filtration and decomposition of harmful gases such as formaldehyde.

Through the above description, we can understand that the air purifier mainly purifies the particulate matter existing in the air in the air purification, such as the fine particulate matter PM2.5 and the particulate matter PM10 which is not perceived by the human naked eye, etc., in addition to the aphids and subtle dust and harmful heavy metal elements in the air can also be removed by an air purifier to ensure fresh air and bring health to the residents.

For example, PM2.5 mentioned above, there are PM2.5 problems all over the world, but some cities are serious, while some cities are relatively minor. In terms of PM2. 5, the most effective way to remove it at present is to clean it with an air purifier. This type of harmful substance is fundamentally different from other types of harmful substances. For example, for formaldehyde, it can be opened by window ventilation. The indoor formaldehyde content is reduced, but for the harmful substances such as PM2.5, it is because of the ventilation and the introduction into the room from the outside, which causes the indoor air to be polluted, thereby affecting human health. Not only can it solve the air pollution problem, but it will make the air pollution problem more serious. It is for this reason that the air purifier has become the only way to solve the PM2.5 problem. Of course, it has the same level at other levels of tatus performance.

Through the above introductions, we should understand the functions of the air purifier and what it purifies. In actual use, the effect is very good, and the power consumption is relatively low. At present, there are so many brands of this type all over the world. When making brand selection, not only should we pay attention to the brand reputation of the product, but also pay attention to the price issue. Only when we compare the two, we can purchase the favorite products. The price of type products ranges from $400 to $900, and the functional differentiation is not too great.