Air Purifier Can Filter Over 900 Hazardous Substances Safely

In our eyes, the air maybe very clean, but under the morning light, you can see that the air is full of floating objects, which means the existence of air pollution problems, whether in the big city or some countrysides, the air polution is very obvious.

Some people have misunderstandings and think that as long as the window is ventilated, it can ensure that the indoor air is good. Actually, we can see that there are still floating particles in the air after half an hour of ventilation through the naked eye. The performance is very clear. There are more than 900 kinds of harmful substances in the clean air, not only the gas but also the microbes and particulate matter. For example, formaldehyde is well known to the public and it can cause serious damage to our skin. Affected aphids and PM2.5 as well as PM10, etc., these are more serious harmful substances. The use of an air purifier can effectively remove these harmful substances, thus ensuring that the residents breathe fresh air in a clean living space, and the use of an air purifier can effectively reduce the possibility of onset.


It can be said that indoor air pollution is as serious as outdoor. It is no exaggeration to say that it is even higher than outdoor. This is because the indoor air is not ventilated, especially in the places that are colder. The area is even more so in the autumn and winter seasons, so the use of air purifiers is very necessary.

For example, the content of benzene in newly renovated houses is very high. Whether it exists in synthetic fibers or in paints or paints, what effect does this have? When the body inhales a large amount of this substance, it will cause problems in hematopoietic function. Anemia, leukemia and even cancer will appear. It can be seen that its influence on the human body is almost beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

The most common ammonia is also one of the main harmful substances in the air. This material exists in the materials of concrete, fireproof board and marble. Most of the kitchen substrates used in the renovation of most users' houses are marble, such as marble frames. Kitchen utensils frame, bathroom marble sink surface, or marble chopping board, etc., in order to effectively avoid fire conditions, the use of fireproof boards can be said to be everywhere, ammonia can cause asthma and other problems after being inhaled into the human body, human immunity The system will also be severely damaged.

In addition to the two mentioned above, there is also formaldehyde familiar to the public, and this type of harmful substances are present in particleboard, plywood and MDF, which is the most serious hazardous substance in daily decoration materials. It causes serious diseases such as nasopharyngeal cancer and throat cancer. In addition, we have mentioned PM2.5, PM10, etc. mentioned above. These have little health effects on the human body, and after using air purifiers, It can effectively remove these harmful substances. The filter material and activated carbon used in the air purifier can sufficiently filter harmful substances in the air. The filter net can effectively filter harmful substances such as PM10 or mites, and activated carbon can remove odors and formaldehyde in the room. It should be noted that the use of an air purifier should be replaced in time to avoid excessive use of the air, and the harmful substances attached to it exceed the standard and cause air pollution again.