Nine Points About How To Purchase An Air Purifier

The smog attack on the air environment has revived people's desire for clean air. In order to better improve air pollution, many families start with indoors and choose an air purifier to open up a "clean land" for the family and  maintain a healthy breathing environment for the family.

When purchasing an air purifier, it is not only to look at the brand, but also to look at the function of the air purifier. To fully understand the quality of the air purifier, you must first understand the following  aspects of the air purifier. Then evaluate again.

1. Quality: Any product quality is the core. The  qualified air purifier product is issued with a certification report or  a certificate issued to the product owner (subject to the inspector). Quality certification reports are required when the product is on the market. However,  to ensure that the gas purifier continues to operate stably, it is not  enough to have a gas purifier product quality certification report  (certificate) and normal work at the time of purchase. In  order to maintain the continuous stability of the operation of the gas  purifier, in addition to the reasonable design, materials, components  and especially the motor are the key elements.

2. the effect: the purification effect of the air purifier, representative  of the main detection indicators, the detection scope of the  international authoritative testing institutions is mainly "dust,  pollen, second-hand smoke"; the detection scope of the environmental  protection authority testing agency is mainly " Dust, benzene, formaldehyde, TVOC". If  the products are tested, the high purification rate of these indicators  indicates that the product has a good purification effect.

3. Ozone: Ozone is an air pollution indicator in the Indoor Air Quality Standard. When ozone in the indoor air exceeds 0.16 mg per cubic meter, it will cause damage to the human respiratory tract. Therefore, the use of ozone to purify the air can only be in an environment where no one exists.

4. filter: filter function has three main aspects: one is filtration  (dust, particles); the second is adsorption (bacteria, odor); the third  is decomposition (organic molecules). The design,  manufacturing process, materials and formulation of the filter screen,  and the size of the ventilation area determine the purification  efficiency. The main factor in the service life of the filter is not the filter itself, but the environment in which it is used. For the Chinese environment, the filter has a service life of about one year.

5. noise: air purifier wind speed design is generally divided into 3 - 5 files. Low-grade noise is generally around 30 decibels, and high-end is generally no more than 60 decibels. It feels very small when running in low gear, and it feels loud when running at high speed, but it should be acceptable.

6. energy consumption: energy consumption is power consumption. The  advanced circuit design adds energy-saving motor. When the air volume  is about 300 cubic meters per hour, its electric power should not exceed  30-35 watts.

7. Area (applicable area of air  purifier), the applicable area factors of air purifier are: electric  power, filter purification effect, filter ventilation area, inlet and  outlet air circulation direction, circulation wind ring size and hourly  circulation The number of winds, etc. The  authoritative testing organization verifies the applicable area of the  machine to be tested by achieving the specified cleaning effect at the  specified inspection time.

8. Price: As far as the  manufacturer is concerned, the sales price of the air purifier should  mainly consist of: research and development, design costs, material  costs, manufacturing expenses, financial expenses, sales expenses, and  appropriate profits. As far as consumers are  concerned, in the case of excellent product quality and purification  effects, the sales price of the air purifier should be determined by the  applicable area certified by the authoritative inspection department;  the larger the applicable area, the higher the sales price.

9. lifetime: internal circulation air purifier is a category of household appliances. As  long as the product is qualified by the regular inspection department when it leaves the factory, it will not be problematic if it is used for  more than ten years (excluding wearing parts and regular replacement  parts).