Pay Attention To Air Purifier Maintenance To Make Breathing More Healthy

Most people know that the air conditioner in their home has been used for a long time. They need to clean the filter and clean the interior of the air conditioner with a special cleaning agent. However, it is easy to overlook the maintenance of the air purifier. When using the indoor air purifier, the maintenance is not in place, and the filter will not change for a long time, which may cause secondary pollution and increase the indoor PM2.5 concentration.

Daily cleaning and maintenance can not only greatly improve the efficiency of the purifier, but also avoid the health threat caused by secondary pollution. It is very important to maintain and clean the air purifier at home.

1.Air purifier body cleaning

Frequency: weekly or on demand

Tool: clean soft cloth

Note: In case of power failure, do not let water drip into the machine and the circuit will burn out.

Method: When cleaning the fuselage, focus on cleaning the position of the air inlet and outlet, wring the wet clean cloth, wipe the fuselage, air outlet, and control panel as a whole; open the front panel for cleaning, dry and re-dry Installation; take out the filter and place it in a ventilated place, and put it in the sun for 4-8 hours. Do not wash with water; clean the brush to clean the odor-sensing area and restore the sensitivity of the sensor.

2.Air purifier humidification function maintenance

Frequency: every 2 weeks or on demand

Tools: food grade citric acid detergent, container and stir bar, brush or waste toothbrush

Note: Power off operation; avoid splashing the detergent solution into your eyes.

Cleaning parts: atomizer at the bottom of the sink, transparent water tank

Method: dissolving the descaling agent according to the instructions; removing the transparent water tank to drain the water in the water tank; removing the fogging plate, pouring the descaling agent solution into the water tank to soak; brushing the atomizer with a brush; After the descaling solution in the water tank is discharged, add clean water and rinse it off. It is recommended to wash the water tank with clean water when the humidification function is not needed every day, and drain the water at the same time.