Air Filter Purifier

In recent  years, with haze, formaldehyde and other environmental problems becoming  increasingly serious, coupled with the improvement of people's health  awareness, air purifiers have become popular commodities for e-commerce  platforms and have become necessary for many people.


Empty net new national standard: "three high and one low"

Any product is standard, and air purifiers are no exception. On  March 1, 2016, "GB/T18801-2015" was formally implemented, which  indicates that the air purifier market in China is becoming more  standardized.

The core of the new national standard for air purifiers can be summed up in the four words "three highs and one low."

High clean  air volume: The clean air volume (CADR) is the purifier's purification  effect indicator. The larger the CADR value, the stronger the purifier's  purifying ability and the better the purifying effect.

High  accumulated cleaning amount: The higher the cumulative cleaning amount  (CCM) value, the more pollutants are purified and the longer the filter  life is.

High energy efficiency values: The higher the energy efficiency level, the more power is saved.

Low  noise: The instrument's working noise is generally less than 50 dB,  which is relatively quiet. You can observe the prototype for intuitive  feeling during the purchase.


Most  people’s demands for air purification are mainly in two points: First,  the speed of purification is high, and the second is the effect of  purification.

The purification effect mainly depends on the filter. The structure and material selection of the filter screen are crucial. The high-end models are mostly composite filters, including pre-filters, HEPA filters, and activated carbon filters.

Different grades of filters have different particle sizes that can be filtered. For  example, Philips 5000 series air purifier AC5656 can remove ultra-fine  particles with a minimum of 0.003 micron (800 times smaller than PM2.5),  which belongs to the current top-level filtration products in the home  net.

BDYH air Purifier built in with Sensors for TVOC, formaldehyde,temp&hum data analysis,and also air quality data displaying,can let you know the air quality real time.