Creating A Better Environment Everywhere

The advent of large industrial times,increasingly serious environmental pollution,formaldehyde and other harmful gases,harmful bacteria incade the air,it is inevitable.Use the latest scientific and technological means to protect our health,improve the quality of life is necessary and urgent.


The main source of indoor air pollution

1.Decoration pollution: The main manifestations are formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other chemical pollutants. It is found in decoration materials such as wood-based panels and paints, and can easily cause respiratory diseases, allergic diseases, and even leukemia and cancer.

2.second-hand smoke: When the tobacco is burning, it will produce nicotine, tar, hydrocyanic acid and so on. Continuous inhalation of too much nicotine can cause death, and benzopyrene contains a strong carcinogenic effect.

3.Household fuels: The main components of LPG are propane and other hydrocarbons. These fuels emit toxic gases and particulates when burned and are potentially carcinogenic.

4.Cooking fumes: The higher the oil temperature when cooking, the more complex the decomposition products can cause slow airway inflammation and mutations.

5.respiratory exhaust gas: people need to breathe when breathing, oxygen in the alveoli is ingested, and then discharged with high concentrations of carbon dioxide and other toxic and harmful gases.

How to manage indoor air pollution:

▷ Ventilation

A simple, practical and effective method of opening windows to allow natural air purification. However, it is easy to be limited. For example, when the outdoor smog is heavily polluted and PM2.5 frequently bursts, how to make pure outdoor air into the room becomes a big problem.

▷ plant law

Some green plants such as tiger Piran, spider plant, and cactus have the function of adsorbing indoor air pollution, but they must also pay attention to the limited adsorption capacity of plants. It is not realistic to rely solely on plants to remove pollution.

▷ Activated carbon

Activated carbon has a large surface area and can adsorb a certain amount of harmful gases. However, when activated carbon is saturated, it will fail, and it can only be used for low-concentration pollution. When it encounters high temperatures, it will release pollutants again, and it is likely to cause secondary pollution.

▷ photocatalyst (titanium dioxide nanometer)

Under the action of ultraviolet light and visible light, photocatalyst (nano-scale titanium dioxide) will produce a strong catalytic degradation function: it can effectively degrade the toxic and harmful gases in the air; it can effectively kill a variety of bacteria, and can release toxins released by bacteria or fungi. Decomposition and harmless treatment; also has the addition of formaldehyde, deodorant, anti-fouling, clean air and other functions.

▷ air cleaner

With acquired national patents Long-term disinfection and neutralization technology,BEIDOU satellite information technology launched intelligent air quality optimization solution witch set the air quality automatic accessment,odor active removal,fungi and viruses take the initiative to kill,PM 2.5 concentration initiative to reduce and other function in one.


Postscript: People are children of nature. Just as fish cannot live without water, human society and life activities are inseparable from the natural environment. Everyone must raise awareness of indoor air pollution prevention and prevent it from happening!